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Elemental Space Clearing® is a very unique space clearing method that utilizes the incredible potency and spiritual energy of mudras in combination with essential oils, resins, flowers, gemstones, the power of prayer and the use of your intention.

When you have an Elemental Space Clearing® performed in your home or office,   the subtle, yet powerful, vibrations of the Four Elements are used to cleanse yourself and your space. Our clients are center to our approach, with custom ceremony and blessings, intention altars, and clearing practices chosen for your specific needs and situations. Your Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner will want to understand what you wish to clear from your life, and what you want to enhance in your life to create a ceremony to improve energies in your  spaces creating sanctuaries of inspiration and harmony. All of our practitioners have undergone an in-depth training and lengthy practicum to attain their certification.


Elemental Space Clearing® certification is a part of the Interior Alignment® School of Feng shui and Space Clearing. See the full listing of practitioners at the Interior Alignment® website, and look for the ESC certification for your Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner!


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