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Denise Linn

"This work is profoundly sacred to me. It’s such an honor to share it with you. I have trained in many cultures around the world in the art of clearing energy and blessing spaces by calling spirit, and I have practiced and taught space clearing for many decades.


Additionally, my clearest past life memories (from a multitude of lifetimes) are of performing clearings and blessings. This work is holy to me in the depth of my being. I’m at the point in my life in which I want to share what I’ve learned over my lifetime and in numerous past lives.


My dream and my intent is that what you gain through an Elemental Space Clearing® brings light into darkness, clarity into confusion, love into fear.


I have a life long passion for space clearing. I moved more deeply into the plant and flower realm and found even more depth in the use of essential oils with space clearing . . . and then over a matter of about 10 days, a series of body mudras were gifted to me from Spirit. This was different. These were not ancient methods taught to me by indigenous people.

They felt like a gift straight from the Creator. And these mudras worked in wondrous ways in my space clearing. In my own practice I began to combine the mudras with essential oils … and true magic emerged."

~ From Denise Linn

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